Frequently Asked Questions











1. When can we make reservations?

Reservations are taken March 1st of every year for any camp dates from May 1st through September 30th of that same year. The Reservationist is on duty Monday through Friday, 9 am to 4 pm, excluding federal holidays. Though the campground cannot hold or make an actual reservation, you may contact them weekends or after hours for assistance in getting into the campground.

2. How many days in advance can I make a reservation?

A two day advance is required (example: If you want to arrive on a Friday, you may call on Thursday to reserve a site the following day-- as the day you call and the day you arrive each count as a day.

3. How many people can I have on a site?

Individual sites will "accommodate" up to 8 persons, but the site fee is based on the number of "camp units" at the site. Your reservation will only cover the first camp unit. All additional camp units will pay directly at the campground upon arrival.

4. Do I pay extra for the dump station, water and showers?


No. Use of these amenities is included in your camp fee as long as you are a registered guest at the campground.

5. Are there any fire restrictions?

Fire danger is assessed on a daily basis and therefore, it is best to check with your campground host for the most current information on any restrictions.

6. Can we make reservations for boats?

No. Boats are rented out on a first-come, first-serve basis.

7. Can I have my own boat on Show Low Lake?


Yes. As long as your motor does not exceed 10 hp, which is the limit on Show Low Lake.

8. Can I bring my pet?

Yes. They need to be on a leash while in the campground and under your control at all times. We ask that they observe quiet hours from 10 pm to 6 pm and that you do your best to clean up after them.

9. Can I swim in Show Low Lake?

Many people swim in Show Low Lake. However, it is non-designated swimming and Show Low Lake is a big fishing lake. Many state records have come out of the lake and therefore, a lot of tackle and fishing line may be in the lake. If you decide to go into the water, shoes would be recommended.

10. Where do I call for reservations?

Call 928-537-4126, Monday through Friday 9 am - 4 pm during the reservation period (March 1st - September 30).

11. Do I have to make reservations?

No. Show Low Lake Campground offers first-come, first-serve sites, as well as reservation sites. You can decide to take your chances on getting a site by just arriving at the campground, or by making a reservation (especially if you want a specific site). If you are coming on a holiday weekend, reservations are highly recommended.